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“Who Else Wants To Have the Mindset to Easily Lose Weight and Live Life with Your Dream Body and Health – Without ‘Struggle’, ‘Self-Sabotage’ or ‘Fear of Failure’?

I’ve Discovered The Amazing Secret on
How To EFFORTLESSLY Live Lean, Fit and Healthy For A Lifetime

Did you know that Lean, Fit and Healthy People:

  • Have more energy than everyone else!
  • Live longer and healthier lives than everyone else!
  • They get to play harder than others do!
  • They have more fun!
  • And they even have more satisfying sex as well!

Don’t you want all of that and more for yourself? I know I did! Feeling good about myself, loving my wife and children fully, living to the max and helping others do the same was all I cared about!

But, a while ago, I wasn’t enjoying those things. And it was tearing me apart inside every day because I knew I could be so much more, for me and for others. I knew I had to dig deeper, because I had tried 7 different diet books and programs and failed to keep the weight off in every case, even though most of these programs were fantastic.

Then I Discovered The Missing Secret:
Vital information for anyone on a weight loss or exercise program

In a few moments I will share with you the amazing information I discovered – information that allowed me to easily, quickly and permanently lose the weight I had struggled with! And how that same information has created complete lifestyle turnarounds in others – people who are now fit, trim and now know how to stay healthy for life! Here is one lady’s experience…

“I gained almost 50 pounds when I had my second child, I was struggling and I was afraid that I was not going to be able to get the weight off. I also knew that I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle for my family and myself. Mindset for Weight Loss helped me to organize my life around my goal. They put into my day, little things that I could do that took no time, that reminded me of my goal and kept me on track and motivated. I lost *ALL* the weight in just under 4 months!  I also learned so much from Michael about myself in the monthly audio program. This is the most awesome program!” - Michelle C.

Guess what?
You are already half way there, too!

Why do I say that? Because being aware of your heart’s desire, the changes you want to make, is half the battle.

The other half is knowing HOW TO make those changes.

And believe me – you can make those changes! I’m going to show you how.

Health and a lean, fit body is your birthright and is absolutely something you deserve to have!

The challenges in reaching your goal has not been your fault in the past, it’s just that up until this moment, you haven’t had the right information to get there.

If you have longed to have more energy for playing with your kids, being more active outdoors or living life to it’s fullest then this information is for you! It is also for anyone who is AT LEAST 10 lbs overweight or if you have ever…

  • Struggled with your weight.
  • Wondered why nothing helps.
  • Wanted to start on a diet and exercise program but didn’t because of procrastination or fear.
  • Started on a diet or exercise program and fell off of it.
  • Dreampt of having a lean, fit body.
  • Cheated on a diet or quickly gave up on your exercise program.
  • Sabotaged your health with emotional eating.
  • Dreamt of looking good in a bikini or swimsuit.
  • Lost some or all of your weight while on a diet and then gained some or all of it back.
  • Felt sad or depressed because of your weight.
  • Dreamt of having flat, toned or washboard abs.
  • Found that your weight is negatively affecting your life in any way; physically, mentally or emotionally.

If you have struggled in the past then know right now, that you CAN have the health and body that you have always dreamt of having! – despite these past struggles.

I KNOW:  It can be frustrating.

fat loss struggle

I know it is frustrating and down right depressing that up until now you have only been able to imagine what life would be like if you became the “true” you. The person you have always wanted to be; the lean, fit, vibrant and outgoing person you have always known you could be… if you just knew how!

Well now you can because I am about to share with you the how-to guide to doing just that: achieving your dream and having the health and body you deserve!

And trust me when I say… I know how depressing it can be when you want something so badly but you just can’t seem to get there no matter what diet you go on!

I have been exactly where you are right now!

I struggled with my own weight for twenty years. In the past, maybe just like you, I tried diet after diet and I always regained the weight back. I felt more accomplished at yo-yo dieting than anything else I had accomplished in my life.

If they gave out titles for failed diet attempts I would have been made president of the club…

Besides the fact that my body felt unhealthy, what really beat me up is that I also just felt crappy inside! Crappy about myself, the way I looked, the way I felt, and how people saw me. I felt like a large fish in a fish bowl with everyone staring.

The reality was that my self-esteem was in the trash and I was riding an emotional roller-coaster day in and day out. To show you how it can affect anyone… I also happen to be a doctor in the health and wellness field.  No one is exempt!

But, it all changed for me when…

I found myself fighting for my life from a life threatening illness.  All because of my poor health I was now on death’s bed with a wife and two children who didn’t know if I was going to make it.   I asked myself during those 4 days in the intensive care unit…if I die can I say that I have loved fully, lived fully and have I served fully?

Sadly the answer was no…because of this terrible struggle with my weight and its effect on my self esteem.  Let’s face it…you can’t live or love fully when you don’t love yourself or are limited by your weight or feelings of self-consciousness.    But, I did survive!

And I swore to myself that the insanity had to stop right here, right now!

I remember that day about 6 years ago like it was yesterday. On that day I committed to myself to learning everything that there was on weight loss, effectively burning fat and staying committed on a diet and exercise program.

I took a tough look at myself and others who struggled with weight.

I realized that permanent weight loss was largely an inside, INTERNAL battle, and so I started studying and reading everything there was on goal achievement, human motivation, behavior retraining and the science of personal success.

Fortunately all of this studying was a good fit for me because I already had a strong foundation for science and health because I’d been working in the Healthcare field for a long time – so I was able to grow my knowledge base quickly and truly apply what I was learning.

Quickly, all the information I had consumed came together.   I tried what I had learned on myself.  And as a result…

I lost 60 pounds in 3 months!

At first, my clients stood up and noticed, wanting to know just how I did it! So I began helping them lose weight. But then, people started coming in just for weight loss. The results continued to be nothing short of miraculous. It felt really good to see a deep, often emotional, impact on the lives of others!

Regardless of the years of struggle and failure, they all achieved their ultimate goal… to have great health and their dream body, as well as the knowledge and strength to keep it! The results were changing lives; from soccer moms with busy schedules and no time for exercise to everyday working folks, skilled laborers and business professionals! Everyone was finally living their lives as they desired – fit, lean and healthy.

Because of my own struggle and the results I was able to get with so many others, a new direction developed in my life. I felt a responsibility to others beyond myself.  It was never my intention to become a weight loss expert, but I had to share this information with others because I felt a moral obligation to help them also end their struggle with weight.

Remember the last question I asked myself when I was fighting for my life…”had I served fully?”  This was my opportunity to really serve others and make a difference!

All of that inspired me to put the CORE of all the information I had learned together into an online program – Mindset for Weight Loss — harnessing the power of the Internet where people like YOU can benefit, all over the world, from no matter where you are.

Mindset for Weight Loss is the #1 Best Selling Program of it’s kind that has been created to dramatically enhance your weight loss program!

On that note, I have a very serious question for you.

What is the difference between these two women?

overweight womanfit woman

… And these two men?

overweight manfit man

Is it only diet and exercise; or is there something else?

accelerate weight loss metabolism

Most diet books begin and end with only the diet. Makes sense at first, they are after all called “diet books”; but something’s missing when you really look at it, no matter how great the books are. A few of them may talk about exercise briefly, but more importantly none of them go in depth inside your MIND to assist you with the real inevitable internal struggle we all face when trying to lose weight.

Staying motivated and on track is a MAJOR struggle for every overweight person. Boredom eating, emotional eating, and binge eating is always a challenge! Believe me, it takes a lot more than just keeping a journal or checking in with someone once in a while to have lasting results.

You must have daily reminders and strategies in place that will keep your thoughts, focus, feelings and commitment directed and channeled on what is important to you… your dream body and health as a lifestyle!

And this is where true success will come from and why this program is so different and revolutionary!….reaching your goals will only happen when you are on a program that gives you what you need to stay the course, stay motivated and keep you on track!

A program that can lead easily and simply to a PLC! (Permanent Lifestyle Change)

You can achieve anything you set your mind to!

positive thinking

Just imagine what you will feel like when you have tons of energy to play with your kids, or how it will feel going swimming with your friends and feeling great about yourself, or the increased self-esteem to attract your soulmate or go out on a date in a body hugging dress or tailored suit. You will feel on top of the world and will recognize that you have become the very best you can be!

After I had failed on seven different diet programs, spent hours of time just self-reflecting, and looked at all the people who just like me had failed to lose weight permanently, it finally dawned on me what was missing. I was trying to succeed on these diets with only my willpower, I had nothing organized in each day to help me succeed and the same was true for everyone else! We all need a system.

I realized that I didn’t have in place daily reminders to help me stay motivated and on track. These reminders are extremely important to make sure I don’t lose motivation, I don’t start cheating and I don’t go back to my bad habits.

You see previously when I had been on a diet… there were days when I was motivated but there were other days when I was not, where I didn’t even think about being on a diet at all until it was time to eat and by then it was too late.   I was already eating something that I shouldn’t have been.

Bad, bad, bad habits and questions like: “What’s the point?”

There were even days in the past, when I did not want to be on those darn diets. I remember feeling fed up and frustrated with not being able to eat what I wanted and having to struggle with what I was going to eat every meal! This occurred usually when I was in a negative head-space, feeling sad or unhappy, or just stressed out; that’s right – emotional eating!

I realized that in order to end the struggle and truly be successful I was going to need to put into place tips and strategies that guided my thoughts and feelings throughout the day, to keep my MINDSET in check! I was going to need to keep my goal of living a healthy lifestyle in my present mind’s consciousness, so that I didn’t find myself eating unhealthy things! This was also the only way for me to stop eating for emotional reasons and stay on purpose!

To achieve ultimate weight loss success, you must have a program that shares with you simple but highly affective daily reminders or strategies for staying motivated and on purpose with your weight loss goals.

This program is truly revolutionizing the weight loss industry and giving you what you need to finally be successful.

I spent the last 5 years fine-tuning the habit re-conditioning process as well as creating awesome yet simple daily strategies so that you will be able to overcome emotional eating – binge eating – and even fading motivation.

This leading information on changing behavior, goal achievement, motivation and the science of personal success is truly the difference for you between experiencing weight loss success and a lifestyle change, or just another of your many failed attempts.

You will discover…

  • Simple and easy tools and strategies to overcome inner struggle and to always stay motivated!
  • How to prevent emotional eating, as well as boredom and binge eating, so you stay focused and reach your dream body!
  • How to tap into the very best of you; there is the true authentic you, the person you have always dreamt of being, just dying to get out. You will meet her or him through this program!
  • You will find a level of commitment and certainty with your weight loss that you have never come close to before with any other program!
  • You will learn where health truly comes from and how you can, when you know how to, actually attract the body and health of your dreams to you!
  • How to create and schedule “me-time” so your health becomes a top priority!
  • You will learn cutting edge developments in science as it relates to health as well as the mind-body connection, that will dramatically benefit you in reaching your goal!

The Mindset for Weight Loss truly IS the ultimate program… IT IS “TURN KEY”! It contains THE CORE FOUNDATION that you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE to reach your dream body, dream health and dream life!

mentorIt offers much more than words on a page… it truly re-shapes your body and your life.

Look, everyone needs a helping hand once in a while and you certainly don’t need to learn all that I learned to have the health and body of your dreams. I spent thousands of hours studying because that is my passion!

Here are the 3 simple keys you must do if you are going to finally get healthy and lose the weight for good!

key to success1) You must control what you focus on!

2) You must find a more empowering meaning behind your goal.

3) You must model the actions of those who have succeeded before you!

Let me share what I have learned with you, because I believe in you and your ability to finally live life on your terms, with your dream body and endless energy! Look at this as opportunity knocking, here’s why…

The number 1 tip to achieving success is to…

  • Find someone who has shared your struggle and who figured out how to overcome this problem, in themselves and in others. Someone who has shared your path, is sympathetic and wants to help.
  • Learn that proven system for getting the results you want that this person figured out. Copy them…do what they did!
  • If possible, be mentored by them to ensure your success! Learn from an expert!

When it comes to health and weight loss, let me help you realize your dream! Don’t struggle any longer, don’t go one more day imagining what life could be like “if only”! Take control NOW.

Here is more of what others have to say about the system!

"What I really appreciate about this program is that it does not focus only on dieting. Programs that focus exclusively on what you can't eat do not work. You must change your lifestyle and mindset to successfully lose weight and keep it off. This program is fantastic in that it walks you through the steps of changing your mind, body and soul to a healthier lifestyle! Great program...highly recommend! Five Stars in my book..." - Michael F.
"I have lost 22 pounds in only 4 weeks! This program is amazing! I feel healthier than I have in 10 years and I don’t remember ever having so much energy, this program is incredible and the daily mindset tips makes it so easy." - Maria R.
"It's always the simplest things that can transform our lives. Our thoughts our so important because they truly create the actions in our lives. " - Jessica H.

So, are YOU ready to live the dream? To have the level of health and energy of a twenty year old?

insanity by albert einsteinAre you ready to feel great about yourself inside and out, are you ready to step out once and for all as the real, authentic you….the person you have always known you should be?

Before I tell you exactly what you need to do that, let me say two things:

  1. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and to expect different results!Take a new and different path. Do it today!
  2. If you are INTERESTED in losing weight, then you will do whatever is convenient.But if you are truly COMMITTEDto losing weight, then you will do whatever it takes!The time to act is now!

Be committed, not just “interested”! Be the very best you can be….live life to its fullest! You can do this…believe in yourself, because I believe in you.

I have been where you were and came out on the other side. And it feels awesome….it is so liberating, so much more than just looking or feeling good….it has affected everything in my life.

That is what I want for you more than anything! That is why I believe that you can do this, because I did it and I will show you exactly how you can do it too!

Before you know it, in a short time YOU will be the inspiration for others.

How does that sound, being an inspiration for others as it relates to your health and your body?

Never before has there been a more perfect time to start then today at this very moment…..get instant access to this amazing book below!

The Mindset for Weight Loss is what you need to permanently lose weight on any diet but..I offer the diet I created and used because it is anti-inflammatory, heals your metabolism, balances hormones, focuses on health first and will turn you into a fat burning machine.  This diet is called Swimsuit Ready in 6 weeks.

For a tiny investment in your health, you get:

Mindset for Weight Loss eBook
The Mindset for Weight Loss eBook

Your Blueprint For Health & Weight Loss – Empowering you with mental and emotional support!

  1. Take control of your health and your life!
  2. End the insanity of losing weight temporarily and then gaining it all back!
  3. End food addictions and emotional eating once and for all!
  4. Feel the love and acceptance for yourself that you have always deserved!

The Swim Suit Ready in 6 Weeks Diet Plan!

                          Permanent Weight Loss Simplified.

  • Heal your metabolism so you become a fat burning machine!
  • Learn how to eat with balance and moderation while you enjoy your favorite foods!
  • Eat the way your body was designed to eat for maximum health and energy!
  • Find the lean fit healthy version of you in a healthy natural way!


These FREE Bonuses Are Also Included:

      BONUS: How to Massively and Immediately increase your Energy, Vitality and Health!

This special report shows you how to tap into a level of energy and vitality like never before.  You will understand where energy and health truly come from and how to never feel sick and tired again!

           BONUS: Exercise Secrets of the Busy and Beautiful

How to have toned thighs, a healthy body and a great self-image in just minutes a day!  Most of us don’t have time for hours of cardio or can afford to feel exhausted after a workout that leaves us destroyed for the rest of the day.  But…we will do something short and sweet…especially if it gives us dramatic results!  This special report shows you how!

EVERYTHING you’ve just read about is included.

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60 Day Guarantee

"...it addresses the root causes of what really is preventing us from living a healthy life; to help achieve the ultimate goal, a mindset transformation, to create empowering habits and to stop doing/thinking what is blocking ourselves to not only lose weight but live a healthy lifestyle. (e.g. emotional eating habits) No matter if you are someone who needs to lose 50, 30 or even 5 pounds." Alexandra B.
“I have tried diet after diet and the most I have lost ever in the past is 18 pounds one time, and that I gained back. I had pretty much given up before I heard about this program. Those daily inspirational and motivational tips just keep me on track now. I have never had such an easy time losing weight and staying excited while on a diet. I have already lost 42 pounds in 9 weeks and I have so much energy! -Amy A.


Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the other side!

Sincerely, Your Friend,

Dr. Mike Mountain

Weight Loss, Mind-Body Health Expert & Founder


P.S. Remember, you have a full 60 days to read the Mindset for Weight Loss book, put this plan to the test and see how it works for you. With the “no questions asked” total refund guarantee, there’s no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose by at least trying my life changing, mindset transforming system, so click on the link below to order today!

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